Our 90-Day program is a youth residential treatment center for teen girls ranging from the ages of 13-17 years old. We understand the challenges of parenting teens can be overwhelming and very demanding. We know what it may feel like when trying to parent your teen and trying to understand their choices and behavior. If your teen is showing behaviors of low self-esteem, oppositional defiance, anger, violence, sexual activity, school issues, relationship problems, running away, isolation, and you don't know what to do, then our 90-day program may be for you.

Our 90-day program focuses on thoroughly providing your teen with 45 days of assessment and observation of how deep the issues may be. During those first 45 days our professional coaches and clinical team will work with your teen to implement value based programming, leadership and life skills, discipline and accountability.

The success of the program is based on each client's investment. When a child shows a deep level of commitment during the first 45 days, evidenced by their results in the program, they will continue for the next 45 days of the program with the intent to continue to apply and live by their values upon returning home.

When your teen makes the choice to continue to invest in their program at CHOICE, they will participate in activities that will help them build and gain confidence during their stay. The girls will learn to create their own values, put them into practice on a daily basis and recognize the importance of having positive self-esteem. The CHOICE team will continue to support, encourage and challenge your teen to live by their values as they prepare themselves for graduation and to transition back into their home. CHOICE will also be working closely with the parents, during the last week of their teens stay with us. This is a great opportunity for parents to learn and discuss the importance of Aftercare for their teen. Parents will have 100% support and training from our coaches to ensure what was accomplished in treatment is continued in the home.

In the event that your teen needs help beyond our 90-day program or refuses to invest in her treatment within the 90 days at CHOICE, our team will provide recommendations for you and work with you to create a plan of treatment in a timely manner from the point it is determined necessary.

For more information please call 888-625-1055 or email info@choiceforfamily.com