Do you want to increase the success ratio of any treatment program you and your child have participated in?

The Choice Aftercare Program has been designed to adapt and compliment any style of treatment. Our Parenting Coaches have worked in a variety of treatment settings. This provides them with the ability to understand how to integrate your child back into the home with this unique program.

In addition to follow-up phone calls, video conferencing (skyping), and emails, the foundation of our aftercare program is a comprehensive 6-week system. It provides guidance and direction for structure, family council, and value within the home that will help to create a governing system for the family.

For families who have gone through our 90-day treatment program, our aftercare program focuses on empowering parents with the tools they need to integrate the same structure from the 90-Day Treatment program into their home. Each aftercare program is customized to the needs of each family and is based upon our In-Home 6-week solution. By equipping parents with the same continuum of care in the home as in the treatment program, the children are better able to apply their values and structure within the home, ensuring a higher level of post treatment success.

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