If you find yourself overwhelmed with the challenges of raising a teen whose actions are negatively affecting them self and your family, the Choice Program offers effective, results oriented strategies to create accountability, structure and balance with your teen in the home. Give them new skills to make more positive choices.

Our program is endorsed by Stephen R. Covey, best-selling author of 7 habits of Highly Successful People. Our team brings 30 plus years of combined experience working with troubled youth. This program allows you to put in place systems for your household in a matter of weeks instead of sending your child away for 6 months in hopes that someone else is teaching them correct values.

Value based parenting techniques teach values so youth are prepared to govern themselves in life responsibly. They learn the value in facing their issues and practicing new coping skills that offer rewarding results.

Coaching options:

5 Week option:

Work with our highly trained coaches proactively for 5 weeks. This option allows you to interact with our Value Based Parenting team on a very intimate basis. Weekly phone sessions enhanced with video and group coaching allow for maximum learning and interaction. After the first 5 weeks client has access to email and group coaching calls to continue building a value based foundation for a total program of 6 months.

10 Week option

Work with our Highly trained coaches proactively for 10 weeks. This option is the same as above, but gives you a full 10 sessions before working with you reactively for 6 months.

These programs are only for the most motivated and serious parents. We need full commitment from you and your child to be able to successfully implement these programs into your home. To see if you qualify today please call 1-855-488-0600