Our Value Based Parenting Program, endorsed by Stephen R. Covey, is a 6-week program that implements structure, one-on-one support and accountability.Our experienced and compassionate Value Based Parenting Coaches will spend five days with you in your home gaining an understanding of your family dynamics and helping you integrate the Value Based Parenting principles. Following their visit, regular communication via Skype and phone conferences will be scheduled once per week for five weeks to monitor progress and keep you moving forward.

This is not a cookie cutter program. The Value Based Parenting program is designed to be tailored to your individual family and needs.

Over a five-day period, you will have the opportunity to meet with two of our Parenting coaches. These coaches will spend between 6 to 8 hours each day with you to get a better feel for your family dynamics. You will be given a Value Based Parenting workbook which will help you with implementation. The coaches are not there to judge you or how you parent your children. They are there to help and guide you with added skills and tools to help you and your family move forward.

The following 5 weeks will be a key to implementing these new tools on a long term basis. These same Parenting coaches will continue to work with you and your family via Skype/ conference call. During this stage you will encounter day to day issues and these follow-up meetings with your coaches will give you an opportunity to work through these issues in a healthy way. The Parenting coaches will continue to encourage, support, guide, challenge and assign you work to do throughout the week. They will discuss what is working and what is not working and help hold you accountable to your commitments. This time also gives both you and the coaches the opportunity to get to know each other and build a relationship of trust.

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